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A wide dilema (with added cashback for UK folks)
  • I have had the 12mm 1.6 on order from fotokonijnenberg since mid January, thinking that it may arrive by April 3rd when I'm off to California for a bit of a road trip, now they tell me delivery is due mid April! So anyway I am looking for a wide lens, thought about the upcoming Panasonic wide adapter.. that is also now April release.. (you can see a theme here!) So the Olympus 12mm f2 has been on my radar for a while.. except for the price.. but when looking more closely Olympus has a deal on at the mo in the UK.. can get £185 cash back for the 12mm and also Amazon offers another £30 voucher with the 12mm f2 which means £390 / $620 aprox.

    Now I really do like the look of the 12mm 1.6 (flare I could get used to) and I like the 12mm f2 apart from the fact that it is so very sharp.. I like the rendering of fd lenses through my experiments. I just wondered about other's experiences with either the 12mm (f2 or 1.6) or other alternative wide options? Has anyone tried the 12mm f2 with Sedna C or blackmist?

    Interested in any wide thoughts :)

    UK users maybe interested in the olympus cash back deals on lenses and cameras:

    PS. The 45mm 1.8 is currently £260 with £70 back! - Not affiliated in any way.

    UPDATE - On closer inspection the cashback for lenses is only if you've bought a camera... Back to the drawing board! Still interested in peoples thoughts on wide angle for the GH2 :)

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  • Looks like they've extended the promotion till the end of May:

    Considering buying an E-PM1, only to resell it, just to take advantage of the whopping £185 off the 12mm. Anyone been through the cashback process and know if it would realistically be fesible?

    Been looking at buying from Hong Kong via eBay (~£460) as an alternative, but I think the risk of being hit with huge customs charges that outway the saving is too high.

  • Have you thought about going the Seb Farges route and getting some cheap 3.5 to 12mm C-Mounts and use ETC? I'm waiting myself for a 6mm f1.8 that I ordered on ebay to come in at the end of the week and I'm looking forward to try it out.

    Do an standard ebay search for c mount OR "machine vision" in the business/industrial section to find more options.

  • Don't know if this is a silly suggestion, but given everything in the UK is so expensive, and you are going to the US where everything is a lot cheaper, why not get it there? Throw away the packaging on your return to the UK and you won't face any customs problems. I've done this (I bought a DAT back in the day, in California, and various other bits and pieces) and saved a ton of money.

    If buying online, maybe find someone in the US where you can order it now so it's ready to pick up from them at the start of your trip?