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Camera related tools
  • Any recommendations for tools needed with cameras? I'm especially looking for quality little screwdrivers that I could use to tighten lens screws. Suggestions (link where I can order online with shipping to Europe)? I don't want to buy those cheap super market models.

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  • Don't you think there are serious hardware stores in Europe? I'd know at least two right away in my city…

  • Yes there is, but I have no idea what is "quality brand" for screwdrivers. It's surprisingly hard to google.

  • For such things as tightening lens screws you can get away with pretty much any kind of screwdrivers. Brand is irrelevant. It's not like you are going to use all the force you can muster.

  • Leatherman Tool

  • Well I ended up ordering this set:

    Quality is suprisingly good and lots of heads for different kinds of screws.

    600 x 600 - 43K