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The GoPro Hero 10 + the Hohem iSteady Pro 4: Best Stabilization and Quality?
  • Used without camera stabilization, the iSteady Pro 4 gimbal does not do a great job of removing jitters, as my night-time video shows (and as seen in other YouTube videos from influencers):

    Still better than the Hero 10's stabilization at night (awful, unusable).

    But the gimbal in conjunction with the Hero 10's least-cropping stabilization ("Standard"), you get an extraordinary smoothness. So you can produce full-resolution 5K 60P videos that are tripod steady when static and look cinema smooth when moving with the camera, in good light. At least, that is what I discovered.

    Here is my test video: static shots followed a by a torture test - 2 minutes continuous walking briskly with the camera on slanted, uneven grass terrains and through leaves and over curbs. Then a sideways, parallel subject following (which I could never do with the camera alone) and finally a follow-subject walk. Shot in 5.3K 60P wide, just like in the night video.

    The gimbal is tiny and light, basically you can think of it as a little handle, which I would and do use anyway when shooting handheld with a GoPro. The battery lasts 14 hours, so no worry about that constraint. It is splashproof, so it like the camera can be used in the rain or snow, no constraint there either. It connects (easily) to the GoPro by bluetooth so you start and stop recording with the gimbal button. And, best of all, no balancing, so you will use it. You just hook the camera on (no screw necessary) and go. $79 on Amazon.