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Amaran P60c , P60x led lights
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  • I got both of these and the build quality improvement from the older HR672 models is just amazing.

    However, while the old ones had a wide/flood (75 deg) and a spot (25 deg) version and the new ones has a beam angle fairly in the middle (45 deg ) for both bi-color and RGBWW version. Similar to the Tri8, so perhaps more requested beam angle for pros. So not a total replacement for my old flood version of the HR672.

    Also, the P60C is quite heavy (2 kgs) so if weight and portability is of consideration the P60x delivers basically almost the same daylight output at half the weight (1 kg).


    2048 x 1536 - 288K
  • @EspenB

    You don't want to make video review for PV?