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Fast (and affordable) quick release Arca compatible system
  • Dunno how many here use the cameras in a hybrid way (stills + video), having to switch modes frequently, but could be a good topic to discuss.

    My case: when (I could go back to) travelling, generally use one cam to shoot stills and video. And, for video, frequently want to put it fast in a small gimbal, take the shot, and remove it again to come back to stills.

    Of course, this means having a quick release in the gimbal and a plate in the camera. Long ago I settled with Arca plates - currently, besides some generic plates and clamps for tripod work, In trips I use a Peak Design Standart Plate ( on the camera: small and still compatible with Arca (kind of, no secure pins for example).

    In my gimbal, in the last trip, used a very small arca clamp, like this one ( It worked, but putting the camera on the gimbal involved: - Putting the camera on the clamp; - Align precisely the camera in the clamp in a previously balanced position; - Tight the clamp knob; - Take the shot; - Untight the clamp knob; - Remove the camera.

    Once I had a drop-in clamp for a Manfrotto-ish plate in a tripod that would work much better: just drop the camera in the clamp, the plate have the same format as the clamp chamber (no alignment needed), lock fast with a lever, and to remove just open it with the lever and take the camera out. But in my last trip, did not found anything like it for Arca.

    Today I've saw that Pgytech released a solution that is exactly that: . A small Arca plate (that looks like very similar to the PD one), and a autolock plate. Just drop the camera in there (with the quick release on the gimbal), take the shot, press the button and remove.

    And that Ulanzi have a system that solves the other part of the question - removing the camera from the neck strap (where I have the camera for stills) to put it on the gimbal - Put this on the neck strap, press to remove the camera from the clip, put it on the gimbal, take the shot, return the camera to this one, move one.

    Just one caveat - the plates from both systems looks like that have the same dimensions, BUT maybe they are not compatible (the plates for both do not fit in Peak Design clips, for example).

    The Pgytech have the gimbal solution, Ulanzi have the strap solution, but don't know if their plates are compatible. Anyone used any of these sytems, or know some similar system? (the most important solution for me is the gimbal part, have to be like the Pgytech clamp).

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  • Pgytech looks nice


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  • Yep, liked it. Only doubt is if the plate works with the Ulanzi system (Pgytech does not have a plate for neck strap).