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What would be the best Fuji cameras for video?
  • Obviously the answer is the X-T4, but Fuji has an extensive lineup of models, but it's confusing for the same reason if you dont know the Fuji world.

    So it would be good to indicate which would be the recommended models and in order of their cameras for video.


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  • Fuji basically have two tiers for video.

    One is the XT-3 and XT-4 - you have 4k60 200mbps, 4k24 and 4k30 400mbps, and 10 bit 4:2:0 internal. Only exclusive video mode of the X-T4 is 1080 240fps, which have shitty quality - 1080 120fps is much better and the X-T3 have it. The differences are IBIS, bigger battery in the X-T4, flip vs full tilt screen and some other details. Here there is a good comparison between them:

    The other tier is the X-T30 II/ X-S10 / X-E4. No 4k60, 4k24 and 4k30 200mbps, and only 8-bit 4:2:0 internal (you still have the 10-bit 4:2:2 option with HDMI + recorder). X-S10 (that I have) is the only one with IBIS and flip screen. The older X-T30 had a 10 minute limit in 4k and 15 min limit in 1080p, but as the X-S10 /X-E4, these limits are 30 minutes now.

  • Thanks. I think the X-E4 woul be perfect with 4K/60p.

  • Buy FX3 instead, you will need high iso for slomo at shutter 500.

  • @endotoxic, the Sony FX3 Its too expensive, its out of my budget.

  • Wait for the X-H2 if you can, as it is likely to be stellar.