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Convert GH2-files before editing
  • Hi guys,

    I wonder what format you convert your AVCHD-files too before editing. I would want to get something in 10bit but Cineform is to expensive and my grading software, DaVinci Resolve doesn't support .mov wrapped Avid DNxHD.

    What do you suggest?

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  • I use 5DtoRGB (rec709, full range) to convert to ProRes422 HQ. Works great with Resolve.

  • What do you edit with? Premier or fcp?

  • @Oedipax Thanks! I forgot to mention that I'm on a PC, and 5DtoRGB just got a beta version for windows which doesn't support multiple render...

    @Alexauwa I'm using Premiere

  • @Alexauwa Looks nice, but seems like it can only convert to 24p/25p and not 60p.

  • @davidhjlindberg I have never tried it though. Try trail version maybe.

  • I often use Cineform.

  • I tried a lot of other things but Cineform performed better than all the lower priced alternatives, for me.

  • Matrox is another option.

  • Cineform is free now. Go to Gropro site.

  • What Brian said.

  • Why do one needs to convert GH2 original files before editing?

  • I mean what is the benefit of doing this?

  • @janis

    "Why do one needs to convert GH2 original files before editing?"

    you don't have to. But if you start your workflow with QT movies you can add unique timecode and reel names (tape names) to the QT-files. Comes in handy for instance with EDL or AAF export from your NLE.

  • Ok. Thanks! Will try it on my next project.

  • @brianluce Thanks, but I can't find Cinepro for free anywhere. Just GoPro Cineform Studio but it can't read AVCHD-files...

    Also, do you guys think converting the files to 10bit makes a big different when it comes to color grading?

  • @davidhjlindberg It's the codec that comes with the software that they are suggesting you use, not the software itself.

    There are a lot of other applications you can use for the conversions (like VirtualDub if you download the DirectShow filter).

  • @thepalalias Hmm, ok. I'm using Sorenson Squeeze, but if I should add a new preset with the Cineform codec, what should I use .mov, .mp4 or something else?

  • @thepalalias I've downloaded VirtualDub now with the DS filter but when I import my GH2-files, AVCHD, it says that it "is of an unknown or unsupported file type."

  • @DavidHjindberg That's odd about VirtualDub - it's working perfectly for me. Try searching Google for strings like can`t load in MTS in VirtualDub or loading MTS in VirtualDub. Wait, you may also want to make sure you have a good DirectShow MTS codec installed, like the Haali Media Splitter. I think those search strings will help you find it.

    As far as Sorenson, you want to convert the files to either .AVI or .MOV depending on what DaVinci performs better with. I typically use .AVI because Vegas performs better with it.

  • I use Cineform Neoscene and I love it. 129 USD and to me it was worth it. Its really fast codec to edit and does much better in grading than 8bit avchd files.

    So my opinion is it is worth the money. Cineform Neoscene converts mts files to 422 10 bit cineform codec (in avi wrapper). And the upconversion from 420 color to 422 is of good quality.

    The free GoPro cineform version cant do that. And I believe it is 420? and cannot process avchd?

  • @ Jasketti No, the topic has been beat to death. Basically the Gopro version is all GH2'ers need.

  • If you are on PC with Vegas Pro 11, just keep good file/folder management and you can edit the files native just fine.

  • I'm soooo tired of this now. Here's the deal:

    I'm a PC user, working in Premiere Pro CS5.5 and DaVinci Resolve and am shooting with GH2. I want to convert my AVCHD .MTS files into a 10bit format which will be easier to work with.

    Avid DNxHD is good BUT it's in a .mov wapper, DaVinci only support in .mxf wrapper... Maybe some easy solution on that problem?

    Next alternative is Cineforms NeoScene but those files converts to .avi and I think Resolve only support Cineform .mov

    5DtoRGB can't do multiple conversion, like you can't put files in a queue, you have to convert them one by one.

    So what do you guys think I should do? What do you do?