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Overheating Video Failure Camera+ COVID-Infected Slow and Low Core Computer = 8K RAW Video on the Go
  • This forum is filled with incredible negativity and pessimism, which is actually a useful antidote to all those influencers. But, in fact, there are positive attributes to many of the devices targeted here as losers and failures. Case in point:

    I have shot dozens of 8K videos and 120p 4K videos using the "overheating failure" Canon R5 with no overheating stopping my shoots, over many hours (short takes only, of course - there are limits due to heat). In Summer heat. And I can make 8K videos from 12bit 8K RAW clips from the R5 using an 8GB MacBook AIR M1 (the "slow and low core") computer and DaVinci Resolve Studio, with no problems. 8K 12bit RAW clips or 8K 10bit HEVC 422 clips.

    Now, I am not claiming that an 8GB MacBook AIR is the best for multi-cam, noise-reduction and stabilized in post video-making, but it works better than my gaming computers for specifically the R5 clips - which have among the most challenging (for higher quality) specs.

    There seems to be a preference for flowers here, so this is an 8K example from 8K RAW edited on the 8GB M1 AIR:

    And a 120 4K video:

    And an HDR video (shot in 8K and rendered in 5K):

    Yes, no 30-minute interview videos in 8K, and yes, probably an 8GB M1 portable computer is not for cinema producers.

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  • @markr041

    Always love your posts.

    This forum is filled with incredible negativity and pessimism

    Despite founder being extreme optimist :-)

    I am not sure that we have influencers anymore, I prefer to call them presstitutes, or if you prefer longer version - youtube based whores.

    Our negativity is towards system that makes products that are ALMOST perfect. But out of greed something always go wrong.

    Apple new M1 computers are very good with lot of nice stuff, but company want to build fully closed system, that is impossible to repair (this is already such) or even install third party software (last part will be implemented very soon).

    Issue is that frequently we are too far ahead of current trends.

  • Wow, I wish they made the R5 without the overheating, or a version with a built-in $2 fan.