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Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal
  • Specs

    • flip-out 2.9-inch full-color HD touchscreen,
    • integrated stand
    • higher motor torque
    • new stabilization algorithm
    • 9 hours battery
    • 1.5 kilograms
    • Weebill 2 Standard - $549
    • Weebill 2 Combo - $649
    • Weebill 2 Pro - $899
    • Weebill 2 Pro+ - $1099


    800 x 761 - 55K
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  • PR

    ZHIYUN, the world’s pioneering gimbal innovator for cameras and smartphones, has launched the WEEBILL 2, the exciting reinvention of its iconic DSLR WEEBILL S gimbal, bringing unrivalled professionalism to every still and video captured.

    Sporting a lightweight frame with sensational industrial lines, the innovative WEEBILL 2 offers optimal responsiveness and stabilisation capabilities with axis locks to reduce shakiness. Users gain maximum creativity and control through its trendsetting HD flip-out touch screen, while the innovative MasterEye Visual Controller combines image receiver, monitor and motion controller in one single device.

    WEEBILL 2 is designed for mainstream mirrorless and DSLR camera and lens combinations, for example, Sony's A7III+FE 24-70mm F2.8 or the Canon 5D4+EF 24-70mm F2.8.

    Indomitable stabilisation capabilities thanks to Infineon sensor

    The WEEBILL 2 is revolutionary in its use of the Infineon two-filter vector-splitting embedded sensor for unmatched performance. This, combined with its upgraded motor torque and core algorithm, for enhanced stability, enables the WEEBILL 2 to run analysis for complex interruptions to accurately detect and compensate for a broad range of handheld instability, even in extreme conditions.

    Industry-first flip out HD screen offers enhanced command to your filmmaking

    The WEEBILL 2 is the first gimbal to incorporate a feature-rich 2.88 inch, full-colour, flip-out HD touchscreen allowing for full command. The intuitive, rotatable and retractable interface allows for heightened user interaction as well as parameter adjustment and footage monitoring in a few taps for uninterrupted shooting. Users can also access intelligent features including one-touch SMART FOLLOW and TIMELAPSE and GESTURE CONTROL via the WEEBILL 2 touchscreen without having to use the ZY PLAY app.

    Boosted ergonomic industrial design for exceptional user experience

    The ZHIYUN WEEBILL 2 boasts an ergonomic, compact, industrial-style design with well-crafted lines in a durable structure, making it a pleasure to use. WEEBILL 2 offers ZHIYUN’s classic easy-to-carry sling grip functionality, which allows users to seamlessly switch to this effort-saving mode without the addition of extensions or altering the gimbal’s form. The outstanding grip function facilitates low-angle shooting and is suitable for comfortable, extended-hours operation.

  • Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-2 Pro Kit with Transmitter, Servo, Sling Grip & Fabric Case for $449