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Olympus E-P7 - here we go again
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    Camera made solely by marketing team,

    Must be totally exceptional.



    693 x 478 - 58K
    697 x 519 - 50K
    800 x 501 - 72K
    800 x 500 - 53K
    800 x 524 - 53K
    800 x 537 - 50K
    800 x 512 - 62K
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  • If this have good price, 5-axis ibis, PDAF and a good price, could a a good entry / vlogger camera. Bonus if they make the comeback of the connector for the external EVF and accessories - it could be user for a external XLR module in the upper models, for example.

    But...since the body is clearly a E-PLx with added dials and buttons, I guess this was an already developed old Oly project, with the current 20mp sensor, CDAF, 3-axis IBIS, and no possibility of EVF. Could sell, if the price is very low - the E-PLs always sold well in Japan, probably is their target.

    And looks like that they merged the E-P, E-PL and the Pen-F "lines" in one body (Pen-F because of the front mode dial - looks like very bad news for who were expecting a new Pen-F).

    If fact, is somewhat what Fuji did with the X-E4: merged the X-E, X-M, X-Txxx lines in a lower priced body. Fuji dumbed down the X-E4, JIP improved a little the E-PL.

  • E-P7 will be released on June 25

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    692 x 517 - 46K
  • Japanese prices

    • OLYMPUS PEN E-P7 Body shop price:¥93500
    • OLYMPUS PEN E-P7 14-42mm EZ Kit shop price:¥107800

    The camera is actually not designed for DACH anyway. The target audience is in Japan - the customers for whom the E-PL10 cannot do enough. You don't need viewfinders in Japan. Accordingly, the camera in the rest of the world will retain its exotic status because the planned numbers are manageable - especially those that will get outside of Japan. This is another reason why the marketing machinery in Germany tends to run with slowed-down foam - if customers threaten to buy in masses, you could run into a problem. Because there is no replenishment, the last E-M1II sensors are now installed and since the sensors have not been manufactured for years, there are no replenishments."

  • Yep, the camera is a E-M10 MK IV repackaged and without EVF, primary target is the japanese market.

    Since the E-M10 IV body is 549, guess that this one will be 499.

  • Savings of fifty bucks vs the EM10mk4? Not worth it.

  • PR

    OM Digital Solutions GmbH is pleased to announce the Olympus PEN E-P7 Micro Four Thirds System camera. Conquering creative hearts with its photographic prowess and classic design from the Olympus PEN series of Yoshihisa Maitani. Equipped with an array of powerful photographic features such as Colour Profile Control, a 20 megapixel Live MOS sensor and in-body 5-axis image stabilisation. The PEN E-P7 allows photographers to capture memorable moments in their own style, creating high quality pictures and video that make the most of the performance of the M.Zuiko lenses.

    Sophisticated design with great attention to detail

    The E-P7 is built faithfully in the distinctive and sophisticated design of the Olympus PEN series. Details such as the aluminum front and rear dials are carefully crafted to achieve an exquisite, refined look. On its own, the body weighs 337 g*, and when combined with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ standard zoom lens, it only weighs 430 g. Making it lighter and easier than ever to bring a camera with you to capture the treasured life moments.

    20 MP Live MOS sensor and in-body 5-axis image stabilisation

    The combination of the 20 Megapixel Live MOS sensor, the high-speed TruePic VIII image processor and the M.Zuiko lens ensure quality beyond a smartphone. The PEN E-P7 is equipped with in-body 5-axis image stabilisation that delivers up to 4.5 steps** of compensation for blur-free, high-quality images every day. Advanced continuous Auto-focus and Face Priority/Eye Priority AF algorithm from the professional OM-D series models is also included for automatic detection and continuous focus on eyes and faces. Ensuring portraits are captured exactly as desired even when the subject is obstructed or in profile.

    Profile Control at the tip of your finger

    The dedicated Profile Control dial on the front of the E-P7 allows for instant switching between standard photo modes to Colour, Monochrome or filter effect profiles. Ideal for unique and creative image creation with 12 colour 10 step saturation control, Highlight & Shadow adjustment with Colour Profile Control, presets simulating analogue film-looks, colour filter effects and film grain effects in Monochrome Profile Control for stunning black & white images. Olympus Art Filters are also available, allowing your images to become small artworks virtually at the touch of a button. Simply move the slider on the monitor up or down to adjust the level of filter effects with the Fine Tune*** option.

    Additional Features

    In-built WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity

    Connect and share easily with in-built WiFi & Bluetooth and the OI.Share smartphone app for automatic photo transfer to iOS and Android phones and tablets. Additionally, the app allows the smart device to become a remote control for the E-P7 allowing even greater creative possibilities.

    Versatile tilting LCD screen

    Greater creativity is possible with the E-P7’s tilting LCD allowing for shooting at various angles and selfies with the flip down screen.

    Advanced Photo mode

    Capture traditionally challenging photographic techniques like Multi Exposure and long exposure modes like Live Composite with ease with the well renown Olympus Advanced Photo.

    Stabilised 4K Video

    Beautifully smooth Hand-held high-definition 4K video recording has never been easier thanks to the in-body 5-axis image stabilisation ensuring stunning results in every occasion.

    USB Charging

    Enjoy the freedom of charging on the go with in-camera USB charging allowing you to explore more and capture more of your adventures.

    Available Accessories

    Perfectly styled with the optional CS-54B genuine leather body jacket

    This genuine leather body jacket in black or white fits perfectly on the PEN E-P7. The rear monitor can be opened for selfies without removing the jacket. Pair this accessory with the optional lens jacket and shoulder strap to enjoy a modern leather look.

    PEN Fashion Accessories

    Match the style and design of the PEN E-P7 with a fashionable camera strap or case from the range of Olympus PEN fashion accessories.

    Availability & pricing

    The PEN E-P7 will be available from mid-June 2021 in two colour combinations, white & silver or black & silver, as body only from 799€ or as a kit with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ lens for 899€. When customers register their purchase of the PEN E-P7 via and subscribe to our newsletter, a free six-month warranty extension***** is available.

    Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the Olympus website at for the latest specifications.

  • It is a dead brand so why spend $500 on it? They are just milking the name for what it is worth before the final nail goes into the coffin.

  • @ghkqn

    Camera had been ready to produce already last year (of course some of factory stuff needed work, but not camera itself).