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Fujifilm major cuts starting in 2021
  • The Fujifilm X-E4 launched in January 2021 will be the one and only X series cameras that Fujifilm will launch this year. That’s according to our trusted sources. (c) Fujirumors

    PV addition:

    Quite bad signs started spreading in industry concerning Fujifilm:

    • One of rumors is that company has record unsold stock of both cameras and lenses now.
    • Another one is that similar to Nikon guys some of EU and US related PR/service/marketing guys started to look around and look for new places
    • It is not clear if Fujifilm will be able to keep their superb Japanese team intact and not go into another round of cuts that all other companies plan to do this year

    Note that E4 and previous cameras design and planning started as much as in 2017-2018. So, in reality we can have much bigger and wider deep in new cameras introductions, and other companies will behave very similarly.