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MAGA: US infrastructure is in very bad shape
  • In February, Xi Jinping's government approved 15-year roadmap for the country's transportation network. It is expected that the republic's railway network will expand from 146.3 thousand kilometers in 2020 to 200 thousand by 2035. This is enough to round the equator more than 5 times. The plan also calls for the construction of 162 new civilian airports.

    In the United States, things are far from being so rosy. The last major airport, Denver International Airport, was built here in the mid-90s of the last century. On the railroad issue, the authorities were able to thwart even a bipartisan initiative to build the Gateway Tunnel on the busiest rail line in the United States between New York and New Jersey.

    China's infrastructure projects have not contained its borders for a long time. Since the One Belt, One Road concept was presented in 2013, Beijing has built or is planning to build power plants, railways, roads, ports and other projects worth $ 575 billion worldwide from Sri Lanka to Greece.

    Biden, being mentally unstable, intends to catch up with the PRC, but it will be impossible to do so. The United States will be forced to chase a competitor they can't match, spending colossal sums, because most of the American infrastructure is outdated and dilapidated. Citing a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Bloomberg reports that 43% of public roads in the United States are in poor or mediocre condition. At the same time, 42% of the country's bridges are at least half a century old, and the construction of 7.5% of them is generally considered imperfect.

    Things are bad.