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COVID: Vaccination won't affect new lockdowns, they'll continue
  • Minister of Health of France, Mr. Veron: "the vaccine is of low effectiveness against mutations of the virus and protection against the spread of the virus of the vaccinated is questionable. Also, vaccinated people are most susceptible to severe forms of the COVID disease and even death if the vaccine is ineffective or the vaccinated gets sick immediately after vaccination.

    Nice to know.

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  • i recommend more stimulus checks. if you re-arrange the letters, C-O-V-I-D it spells C-O-M-U N-I-S-M

  • @hardimpact

    Stimulus checks happen due to usual capitalism issues. As debt problems will be always solved at the expense of small people using very high inflation.

    Just this time capitalism no longer have energy and resources to make new debt round. It is like sick car without gasoline left.

  • No vaccine is 100 percent effective. Some experts I spoke to believe they’re effective enough that vaccinated people can justifiably stop worrying about their own risk, while others continued to urge caution. But everyone agreed that while we have data on the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing you from getting severe COVID yourself, we have less information about how well they prevent you from potentially passing it to unvaccinated people.

    It won't end.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Well like you said it's total war ...of course it won't end.