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War: Mordor and China advantages in information area
  • Introductory note - that both Mordor and China have very old and very strong bureaucracy institutes. Sometimes they are very inefficient, but they can make extreme pressure and reach goals if they really want to do it.

    I already wrote about WeChat in China and how they and AliPay are making big infrastructure that Western companies can't get.

    Also lot of Western companies do not understand Xiaomi and their huge disruption with umbrella strategy and infrastructure approach. But Xiaomi now already makes around 200x more products than Apple and most of them are of consistent good quality and designed by EU designers mostly. Each year this number rise around 1.5-2x times. Xiaomi now attack huge number of US, EU and other countries domestic brands who used to order Chinese products (of bad quality mostly) and had good margins. Note that it is Chinese bureaucracy that stands behind this and allows such big structure to thrive.

    In Mordor we also have so called Gosuslugi site and infrastructure that also use umbrella approach were different branches of bureaucracy are turned into controlled system and use more or less standard protocols of informational exchange, of course they also fight back, but pressure and progress are easy to see. Usually people who move to EU or US are shocked that they live deep in 20th century style with extremely inefficient communication and heavy real mail usage.

    Also in Mordor Central bank pushed free transfers system (free up around 2x average salary amount per month per account) using phone number and central database. Big banks fought hard, as transfer fees are nice and no work is required. It is also fastest system, on average transfer is completed under 5-6 seconds. But central control and transparency had been considered more important compared to few more exotic meals on banks managers table.