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Moon T7 Hacked GH2 - Worked? Missing something?
  • Hello. Finally I hacked my GH2 with moon T7 and hacking went fine. I filmed 2 similar videos with a same setting: unhacked and hacked to compare. Checking 2 files using StreamParser, everything seems correct (hacked video have larger size and more average bitrate). Now, I import them to FCP7 with these settings : Source:"P2 ACC-Intra"-> Target: "native", Source:"AVCHD"-> Target: "Apple ProRes 422 HQ", which creates .mov files. When I compare these 2 mov files, they are almost the same file size... Is this fine? Or am I missing something? (I can't really tell the quality difference between these 2 videos...) Thanks for the help.

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  • are you comparing exporting .mov file sizes or the original files from the memory card? because the nle exports a constant bitrate regardless of what comes in.

  • Thank you for your help. I was comparing "imported" .mov files sizes created by using "log & Transfer" (.mov files created by FCP7 in "Capture Scratch" file). Supposed to be "original" files before editing or exporting ("original" because not exactly the originals in SD). Am I doing correct? Or should I use different setting for "log & Transfer" so that I can keep original moon T7 AVCHD as high quality as possible?

  • generation loss would be attributable to the prores whitepaper which is freely available online. 422HQ and 444/XQ you can test to see how much noise you can live with. there is no 'right answer'. but proxies can be used to edit easier and then use original footage with zero generation loss instead of offline editing which is what it sounds like you're doing.

  • Thanks again. Good to know there is no 'right answer'. I downloaded the ProRes whitepaper and I will study them. I'll test 422HQ, 444/XQ and ProRes Proxy to see the difference. I appreciate your input!