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Videos made with GH2. No hacks, no updates
  • Two videos, shot with no hacks and no updates: The timelapse was shot with an HVX..

    Airing now:

    I'd love to hear your thoughts..

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  • Just watched the first - nice. Love the shooting and editing. Not my personal cup of tea subject-wise but (a compliment to you) the quality of your work made it compelling for me to watch from start to finish and that's what changes attitudes and makes this powerful. Beyond the actual look of this, the person featured makes some compelling points.

  • Thanks for watching, Mark_the_Harp; and for your comments.

  • I am a big fan of graffiti art, though I don't agree with the idea that if it was legal it would lose any of it's greatness. Like skateboarding which was widely illegal in the US during the 90's, we didn't skate cause it was illegal, we skated because it's what we enjoyed. Just so happens some of the skaters were the best graffiti artists too. Skating only became more fun as the stupid laws went away (most places), and I am sure some of the purists g-artists would feel much more free and liberated without the stupid laws. Anyways, nicely shot.

  • Nice video. Hate those guys though. It looks like crap and they belong in prison.