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Socialism: 100 years since Gosplan creation
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    State Central Planning Committee existed in different forms since 1921, today is exactly 100 years from day of creation.

    And must fun and absurd thing is that head of Gosplan, Nikolai Baibakov, had been real author of capitalism restoration in USSR:


    This guy made gas for tubes agreement, before this invented way to support capitalists using oil and do many other things. Very versatile guy, he helped to make Chechnya problem in 50s and he was helping from safety during critical phase of counterrevolution - so called 1957 anti party group defeat.
    Most serious USSR defeat in WWII, 1942 event - retreat from Ukraine that had been stopped only in Stalingrad can be also authored by this man, as few months before this he become responsible to fuel supply to armies and got access to all information about tanks and other motor forces. Researches still need to investigate this more.

    In 1986 he went into shade to ensure stability in dangerous phase, but during restoration process in 1986-1991 three of his right hand people guided the country. One had been prime minister, second had been head of Gosplan and third wrote all major laws allowing restoration of private property, banks and so on. And Gorbachev just did the speaking and photos :-) His people also saved capitalists during 1998 issues as they went from hiding back into open ruling for a short while.

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