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Good quote: On working class
  • Modern left idiots as well as old school Mensheviks have a favorite topic for whining - the working class, they say, is not revolutionary in itself and does not generate by itself brave people in leather jackets who are ready to establish a new order. The absurdity of this claim has been evident for over a hundred years. Another question is the nature of this claim; after all, it does not grow out of the blue, but is taken from the same surprisingly ridiculous concept that it is possible and necessary to find some external source of morality, its a priori carrier.

    To this guys I have already given a well-known answer to any educated (that is, who read Marx and Lenin) person: the working class is not a panacea and not a savior in a halo, but explosives lying dead weight, of all types of social explosives, by virtue of social status, capable of detonation, that's all. From the point of view of the process of the explosive reaction itself, it does not matter at all who will bring the detonators to this explosive and ignite: the RSDP (b), or some "Partyda Laborista"; with one or another degree of resistance, the explosive process in the accumulated mass ready for detonation will proceed, releasing the accumulated energy. This, in essence, is used all over the world by paid provocateurs under left-wing slogans, making small senseless bangs here and there. Naturally, if you just detonate the explosives, you get a spectacular, dangerous close up and sometimes quite a beautiful sight - but that’s where it all ends.

    For an explosive to do useful work, it needs a harness designed for specific conditions and a specific type of work. The explosives must be organized by giving them the necessary forms (to break through a pit, fill a dam or split an armored wall - three completely different tasks!). For large masses or complex shapes, it is necessary to ensure the simultaneity or the correct order of detonation, initiating the processes in exactly the right sequence and at the right time. The released energy must be channeled and used with the highest possible efficiency, in every possible way avoiding unnecessary destruction, overexpenditure of efforts and loss of energy for various internal transitions. Finally, it is required to take measures to ensure maximum safety of the process, withdraw the civilian population and infrastructure from the zone of possible destruction, precipitation and disposal of hazardous reaction products, etc.

    In the case of a revolution, it is not the class that does it. This is done by a political party (in the broad sense of the term). And without the organized (as well as organizing) work of the party, any actions of the working class will turn into a noisy but senseless gross-babach. The workers themselves are well aware of this, and, lacking an organizing principle, they rarely enter politics on behalf of the class. Instead it is small shopkeeper or rentier considers himself smarter than all the beasts of the field, therefore he gladly discusses the orders of commanders in the Battle of Solferino, scolds Roosevelt for ill-conceived economic decisions and loves to arrange "hydnost revolutions" with fireworks. The mass of the worker is averse to such nonsense; he reserves his great strength for great deeds, but does not suffer from "morality" and "spirituality" at all. And it is right.