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War: Hackers got Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data
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  • This is cute. Will they use the data for good... Im guessing not. For money yes.

  • French journalists from Le Monde examined the Pfizer vaccine leak and found that the EMA was under pressure from the EU leadership in order to obtain an early approval of the phaser vaccine for use in the EU. At the same time, EMA violations revealed serious, up to the fact that the vaccine samples used in clinical trials did not match those supplied for the vaccination itself.


  • According to EMA officials, the exact composition of the tested and mass vaccines differs in many ways, and in particular in the degree of integrity of the mRNA fragments. In the samples for clinical trials, 69% to 81% of the chains were a whole matrix by which the protein can be synthesized from start to finish. On the other hand, batch data produced on new production lines showed lower percentages of whole mRNAs, 59% on average. In some parties, the decline reached 51%. This is what was called the "blocking point" in the November 23 EMA. The outgoing vaccine used a filter that separates full molecules from short cuttings, but it proved difficult to scale up for commercial production.

    So, real vaccine efficiency will be much lower.