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Coronavirus: Chinese elite wants to chancel new year in unprecedented move
  • Sensing that large seasonal migration could contribute to the spread of infection, the government asked the population to refrain from travel and stay in the cities where people work.

    Most of the cities in the southeast (especially in Guangdong province) are not native to Chinese labor migrants. Their families: parents, relatives and friends often live in other regions in Central and North China. And the New Year is one of the few opportunities to meet. Considering the 6-day working week, for many, this is the only reason to relax.

    The restrictions are still advisory in nature, but these recommendations are extremely specific:

    • it is not recommended to go to the high and medium risk zone, and these are 50 zones, including such large cities as Beijing and Dalian;
    • teachers and students from “high risk” cities are prohibited from leaving campuses and leaving;
    • people are encouraged to limit contacts, visits to places of potential congestion and to gather in groups of more than 10 people;
    • Everywhere they will check "health passports" in order to isolate the carrier and all close contacts if something happens.