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Wide aperture m43 mechanical focus ring lens
  • Hello.

    Im a happy new owner of the GH2. Thus far i got the following lenses 14-140mm, 20mm, 7-14mm and two oldies: pentacon 29-2.8 and helios 58-2.0. I am looking for a lens with wide open aperture and a mechanical focus ring (for follow focus). I absolutely love the pancake 20mm, but its so small i doubt the focus ring would even fit, let alone the problems these lenses have when you want to focus manually. The pentacon 29-2.8 isnt bad, but i would like a bit wider aperture and wider angle of view.

    The new 17.5mm voigtlander looks lovely, but a bit costly for now. Perhaps ill get lucky and find a killer deal on the 20mm :P

    What else could you recommend?

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  • whats wrong with a nice rokkor 50mm lens adapted from ebay, theyre cheap and have lovely bokeh. also other old manual lenses are great to use with an adapter. just enter your desired focal length in ebay and search for example pictures of the lens you can afford. sometimes you find gems. :)

  • 50mm is 100mm after the 2x crop factor? thats pretty closed in, no? i already started scouring ebay for oldies :) I just figured there is some established preference for the GH2.

  • @mk47: The crop factor is actually 1.86:1 in film (as the sensor is a native 16x9), being about a 90mm on full frame, but in motion pictures one wouldn't count full frame size and compared to Super 35, there's only a 16% difference (on there it would be compared to an 80 full frame).

  • 12mm T 1.6 Hyperprime from SLR Magic is great too and doesn't cost as much as the 17,5mm Voigtländer. The image seems to be more like a matter of taste though.

  • samyang/rokinon etc. 35mm or 24mm f1.4, or even the 85mm, though that would be quite telephoto

  • Where is the 12mm available from?

  • @LPowell thats an awesome collection. great job! :)