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GH2 HDMI-out 720/50p
  • Hi, i am new here and interesting about the HDMI Output-signal from my GH2 to a 7'' Monitor: when i will record in modus 720/50p the camera switched automatically in the modus 1080/50i! Why? Can i fixed this to 720/50p? Or it's impossible to record in 720/50p with a extern Monitor and HDMI-Out?? Thanks for helping!

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  • It's already been discussed in several other places, but to answer your question, yes it is currently impossible to record in the 720 modes while using HDMI out.

  • thanks for answer, in the meantime i've found your posting from March/3 . Sorry for double-posting! :-(

  • Is it possible to view the composite output and record at 720/50p

  • I don't know if this would help you, but I'm have no problem outputting HDMI at 720/60p while recording using Manual Movie Mode, Ptool 3.63, Cake 1.1. Sony Monitor, model CLM-V55 or VeriZoom 7" with an HDMI to composite converter, NTSC.

  • i think it works because you come in with the composit-signal, right?

  • With Sony monitor, I'm coming straight out of the GH2 to the monitor via HDMI. With the second monitor, GH2 Out via HDMI to the converter HDMI In, and Out of the converter via RCA composite to the monitor.

  • You would be the first person that can use 720p modes while an external screen is connected. Are you sure the cam did not switch to 1080i after connecting it?

  • @kavadni no, composite video output stops working completely when you start recording.

    @willianaleman I think you should double check your footage. With version 1.0 firmware it's possible to select 720/60p while using HDMI but the camera will actually record in 60i (actual interlaced, not just a wrapper). With version 1.1 firmware this has been "fixed" in that the 720p options are not selectable when you are using HDMI to eliminate any confusion.

  • @kavadni, thanks for the observation. I'm going to check into that later tonight with StreamParser 2.6. I will get back with the results.

  • @willianaleman,

    Are you saying that you can still 'select' 720p in mode when HDMI connected?

  • @kavadni, alcomposer. Sadly, Kavadni is right. I double checked the footage recorded at 720p with StreamParser, 2.6. The result is that the final output is 1080i, even when the recording mode setting is 720p. I believe that this is nothing new for the majority of the users here. By the way, please don't pay attention to the numbers in the screenshot, the recording was done just to test the HDMI output at "720p. It is a screen saver recording."image

    GH2 720p_HDMI to HDMI Monitor_Frames.PNG
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