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Lumix G6 vs GH1 vs GH2
  • Hi! I am new to the photography world and am currently looking for a overall good-for-video camera on a REALLY tight budget (mainly for people close-ups, YouTube related content). I've found an used Lumix GH1 which I would love to hack for about 70€, which I think is a really nice price... The thing is that I also have available an 80€ used Lumix G6, which I've heard is a bit better than the GH1, but I dunno with the bitrate improvements on the hacks available... And to top It all I've been offered a 130€ almost brand new GH2, which I think would give me the best results out of the 3...

    What do you think? Is it worth it the 40€+ for the GH2 compared to the G6? I've seen some footage comparisons and they seem to be really close, but that is without the crazy 100+MBs bitrate you can get out of some GH2's hacks...

    Is the GH1 just good enough with stable 50MB's±? Maybe It is worth it to expend more on a way better lens? I am not focusing on features btw. Just pure IQ. Man I just love the Lumix look! but if you know of other hackable/Bang for buck (better than any of these in any case) cameras I should look for, please just tell me!

    I know it's a lot but would really love some feedback. :) Cheers and thank you!!

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  • Go G6 no doubt.

    Unless you want to go my route, I don’t recommend. Then if you go my route you Want character, in image, so you should Go with GH2 With its 8 to 9 stops of DR and use moon T7 hack. No doubt one hell of an 1080p 24p image ever!! For its low optimization and crazy behavior it delivers character like no other camera of its era.

    Wants strange and lowaer dynamic range image with stranger behavior ever, Go Gh1. (You must love fixed pattern noise before all)

  • G7 minimum. G85 better.

  • As I remember, the G6 has 60p at 1080, a better screen and viewfinder, and just better handling and ergonomics, so I'd go with that.

  • I bought a G6 when my hacked GH2 was stolen. it's top quality is not quite up to the hacked GH2's, but it's good enough for everyday use. adolega is right. Handling and screen are better. I bought a Nikon Z6 this year, which is a massive upgrade, but I still use the G6 for vlog because of the articulating screen, and for unusual situations such as shooting through a chain link fence (its kit lens will fit through the open spaces).