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Resemble AI Localize
  •, a leader in generative deep learning voice technology announced that it has created Localize — voice AI technology to localize speech for the first time. Until now, entertainment companies, ad agencies, call centers and companies that needed to translate voices would have to use a different voice in each language. With, voices can be cloned into any language – so George Clooney sounds like George Clooney, even when a movie has been dubbed into another language. clones voices at scale in seconds, as opposed to weeks. It has democratized this previously laborious, expensive process and cloned 42,000 voices for 65,000 users, including two of the largest global telecoms, two of the largest consulting companies, a top global broadcasting co, two of the largest entertainment conglomerates, one of the largest toy makers, and the leader in airport communications systems.

    How it works: An audio recording is translated so that it accurately reflects not only the words and their specific meanings, but also colloquialisms and grammatical structures that are particular to that region and language. The service allows anyone to translate and hear it simultaneously – so you can find out immediately “how does Will Smith sound when he says this sentence?”