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Meat from human feces. Good idea.
  • It's being called the "poop burger". Japanese scientists have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces.

    Somehow this feels like a Vonnegut plotline: population boom equals food shortage. Solution? Synthesize food from human waste matter. Absurd yes, but Japanese scientists have actually discovered a way to create edible steaks from human feces.

    Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. Tokyo Sewage approached the scientist because of an overabundance of sewage mud. They asked him to explore the possible uses of the sewage and Ikeda found that the mud contained a great deal of protein because of all the bacteria.

    The researchers then extracted those proteins, combined them with a reaction enhancer and put it in an exploder which created the artificial steak. The “meat” is 63% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 3% lipids and 9% minerals. The researchers color the poop meat red with food coloring and enhance the flavor with soy protein. Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef.

    Read rest here -

    Made idea into reality :-)
    "Кто сдаёт продукт вторичный - тот питается отлично!" (c)
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  • Soylent Green is Feces!!!!!
  • New variety: Soylent Brown..!
  • It seems like everytime I come across a video of someone eating shit, it's a japanese person. I guess they are trying to make it legit. :P
  • And yes, that was a joke about scat porn.
  • So, would this artificial meat be vegan/vegetarian? Because if it is, they'll eat it, even if it is made from feces. Of course, at some point there could be shortages, so then the mud would have to be declared endangered. Yes, the mud will go on the endangered feces list.
  • They have Shitake Mushrooms ... why not Shitsteak Meat??
  • Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Grants $1.5M To Turn Human Waste Into Biofuel

    Some motherfuckers are still searching for something called soul.
    But now true meaning of life is clear.
    Shit, sell your shit, eat meat made from shit and prepare this meat on the fuel made from shit.
    Nature made human to produce loads of shit. Period.
  • Give sh!t to the Gates for dinner.
  • >Give sh!t to the Gates for dinner.

    I am thinking to write special filter for this forum that will replace sh!t and f@@k to shit and fuck. Really.
  • That's not pun.