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Related to automatic grading...
  • Hi. I just wanted to open this thread for us to be able to discuss something akin to PWCs automated automatic grading thread...more along the lines of randomized grading though. We have all seen instagram-like apps, but I was hoping we could compile a list of desktop applications that were particularly useful for rapidly generating "looks" and then applying them to batches of images. I have been using this process with an app called CameraBag 2, which lets you create looks quickly, then save as a preset to be applied to all images in a folder. It's not the most convenient method, but it does give you some cool looks in a hurry. Any ideas? As I see it, all an app needs to comply is to be able to process a folder of images, and be able to create saveable looks, and hopefully generate them fairly quickly as well.

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  • Well camerabag 2 is the best I can find so far, simply because it's functional. An added bonus, each look you generate gives you a numerical code. Give the code to a friend and they can use it as well.

  • FYI, I am converting to prores with 5dtorgb, then opening the mov files in photoshop...then using nik color efex pro 4 on the files. On locked down shots, you can achieve amazing results with dark video. Its amazing.

  • I have finalized a stand alone app under Windows check out the link :

  • I will checkit!!

  • A precision: the Pixel Bender files you will generate with my app are also compatible with Photoshop CS5.