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Capitalism: This is how previous decommunisation looked like
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    Photos of 1942 and 1943.

    Present UK and US are going fast to same direction.

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  • Who is the woman ?

  • @bannedindv

    This one I do not know. Usually it had been young communists (komsomolki).

  • She is a young elementary school teacher. Supposedly the Nazis like to hang young women to demonstrate their ruthlessness and for their own entertainment.

  • And this is current one rising its head, same Nazis on Ukraine as was in 1943

    The Novotroitsk District Court of the Kherson Region found the pensioner guilty of disseminating communist symbols and propaganda of the communist totalitarian regime and sentenced her to five years in prison with a probationary period of one year.

    During 2016-2018, the woman on her page in Odnoklassniki published photos and videos with images of symbols of the communist regime. “In particular, on November 9, 2016, on the“ wall ”of Odnoklassniki, a woman posted a collage of photographs of the Soviet state and party leader Leonid Brezhnev. In January 2017, a woman published a photograph depicting the state emblem of the USSR. And on October 27, 2018, she published several photos with Soviet communist leaders against the background of a red flag with a crossed hammer and sickle.

    And all capitalist criminals doing such will end up as they did in 1944-47.

  • More on decommunisation

    From January 1, 2021 in Ukraine, social pensions and additional payments for disability will be canceled - the government has announced the main points of the next stage of the so-called "pension reform" in the country.

    According to official information, starting from the New Year, hundreds of thousands of elderly Ukrainian citizens who do not have a minimum work experience, as well as entire categories receiving disability payments, will be deprived of financial support from the state.

    Most fun is that it is EU and US behind all this, and their biggest funds that demand it all step by step.

  • How cute,! So is politically correct committing genocide under capitalistic view.

  • covid have not killed so many pension grannies as they wanted, just put them homeless and you correct it fast

  • Bans and restrictions on communist ideology in exUSSR


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  • Capitalists now openly talk about reversing this :


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  • Being communist in Spain is also not very safe.

  • Ouch, youtube already limited popular video to reduce number of views, age restrictions, my ass

    Guys your whole trending videos section must be foundation for tribunal to reduce number of your managers.

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    This is how slow turn happening. Hot water is actually connected to that bad communists had been doing, who could have though.

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