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Apple U1 as next core tech that will be standard
  • Apple’s U1 ultra-wideband locator chip, which could let these devices find each other, find other gadgets equipped with similar tech.

    U1 is present in 11 series of iPhones, will be also in all iPhone 12 models. As well as in all Apple Watches since S6.

    Main design and idea of U1 is to make location and tracking tech that is very hard to disable or interfere with, for usual consumer it is almost impossible.

    It is designed to help tracking your precise location relative to other U1 equipped items inside buildings.

    Main usage of the chip can be contacts tracking and your movements tracking during remote work, so company could buy this information from Apple and check that you had been in certain places of your home for only specified amount of time and not more.

    Tracking COVID contacts and virus spreading most probably will be turned permanently on during next big wave of infection and youw on't be able to turn feature off since this time.

    It is expected that all new ARM based notebooks will also have U1 chip build in as it will be good source of income and useful date for Apple.