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Firmware update for 45-200 (29/02/2012)

    Improved the stability of O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer).

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  • I wish Pana would give more details about the "improvement" :-(

  • Wow, just did the update on this lens, excellent improvement. The lens now operates like this in video mode > Handheld in full tele (200mm) point the camera at a static scene, lock focus, hold steady until camera locks-on with OIS (.5sec) then pan slowly sideways or up and down. It mimicks a tripod, very smooth guide action, the image doesn't jump like it did on the previous FW when you stop panning or even mid pan. This is impressive and very noticeable improvement.

    NOTE : You must let the image in the viewfinder LOCK FIRST before starting the pan.

    Everyone with this lens should upgrade to V1.3. This is a LENS ONLY FW upgrade.

  • My 45-200 was on version 1.2. The upgrade to 1.3 is not recognised.

  • @bantammenace Don't know what is happening to you since mine worked just fine and my 45-200 was at 1.2 like yours. I recommend you repeat the process and make sure that you copy the new firmware to the SD card... Al

  • I just got a copy of this lens. Is it normal for the lens to make a click/clunk sound as you change the aperture electronically in the camera? I never really noticed this with my other panasonic lenses?

  • I just tried mine and there is no sound. I used A and changed the aperture and it is silent. I also zoomed from f4 at 45 to f7.1 at 200 and I hear no aperture noise.