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Apple Inside: Time to sell, fast
  • It is very quiet talks between Apple developers (I know only Mac division software developers area) and management. Developers had been advised to sell any stock they have during August.
    Rumor is that stock will never return to present levels and in the fall you won't be able to get even 25% of present price.
    Small management talks that top managers invented some new scheme to sell most of their stock unnoticed.

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  • Bullshit. I looked up their conference call. Blowout earnings and great outlook

  • @zcream

    Exactly. Superb outlook always happen in such moments.

    And give it a good though how Apple got this numbers with most stores closed, quiet times and overal staggering smartphones sales drop. Part of this talks is that Apple invented new way to cook books with fake sales and especially fake service accounts (I guess they are using for this new US printed money).

    I just share inside stoties here, until I can do it.

  • Most people in USA are getting more from the CARES act than they earned earlier. This money ends up in stockmarket speculation and unnecessary purchases. I post at stocktwits and many there will daytrade, and if they are lucky go out and buy an iPhone, as its a status symbol. Some Tesla traders bought a Tesla with their gains.

    Its backward, but short term stock market gains = more iphones sold = more Apple profits = more stockmarket gains.

    As long as the stock market is in a bubble, Apple will do well. If the market pops we are all fucked.

  • It might be not the market crash in general, but some event that could hurt Apple specifically. Since Trump announced TikTok ban in the US, the Apple ban in China is highly likely to follow. I think I'm gonna bet a little cash on that to celebrate this trade war escalation. Nice call, Vitaly! Will donate for sure if it plays out well.

  • I'll wait until the AAPL split goes through. No reason why it cant hit 2 Trillion market cap before that. The price is already ridiculous, no reason it cant go higher.

    I say this as I shorted the market for the past 3 years, and I'm wiser now. Do not underestimate the power of Robinhood and other retail traders.

    Remember that the free money goes until the elections. Free money can be leveraged via options and futures. Until that cash keeps flowing, the markets keep rising.

    I'm betting on Apple to 600.

  • The Fed will print into oblivion for sure. Then you can buy AAPL calls and puts at the same time and gain whether it goes up or down.

  • Issue is that that it can't rise more, it is that market will be in unstable state.

    I tis grant illusiont hat stock market is top priority for FED now. It is not.

  • Fed has a printing machine. Until USD is the worlds reserve currency, nothing is the problem. Then one day, it will flip and come crashing down.

    Apple to the moon. Tesla to the moon.

  • Why stock market is being inflated for now


    System needs thing with big rates, but stock market can't do it now, byitself, without printing and injecting trillions.

    All the tech giants are essentially giant money laundering machines.

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  • Also, flood of liquidity from central banks. Co-ordinated infusions from past 10 years.

  • @zcream

    Past 10 years is nothing if you compare it with past 4 months.

  • Talked to one guy who is not in Apple, but left them last year and had nice pack of shares.

    His words - get out as soon as possible, Apple started to lie openly, very dangerous sign.