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D Mount lenses...possible?
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    I think these companies might make adapters if we ask...lots of cheap d mounts around...nice fast broadcast lenses with huge zooms and constant apertures. some say it's not possible but get dpi forum user hakkalo has lots of examples.

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  • Alright, I have submitted questions for both manufacturers, along with requests for 10, 50, and 200 piece breakdowns. I will order one and test on my D mount canons, and if it looks good, I will do a kickstarter to fund the buy according to interest. I'm also going to set up for a B4 (another broadcast mount) manufacturing run as well. Is anyone interested in lenses like this? The one I got is 7.5 to 143mm, at 1.7, and has a 2x extender built in, which, unless I am wrong, will let this lens run from around 15mm with the built in 2x at the lowest end, to 143x2(extender)x2.6(etc)=743 on the long end with a stop (or 2) drop along the way. heck, you can hook up a power cable to this thing and get servo zoom and focus.

  • Bullet B4 mounting interests me .. I don't have an adapter as yet, but I have a couple of B-Mounts that I intend to try .. left over from SPBeta days

  • And I mean't to say .. I don't think D-mount will work without glass in the adapter as the flange distance is less than the m4/3 .. 12.3mm I think compared to our 18mm. Also I doubt it will cover the sensor even in ETC mode .. someone with knowledge of the math required could confirm

  • Well, I think youre right, but I didnt waste too much on my d mounts...$20 each. Too bad, they make a pentax q adapter for them now. The B4 mount I got was $120. I can see why the expensive ones are better, this one has a little flex...but it will work fine if not handled roughly. I got a canon 9.5mm to 143, and its pretty nice. It would be much nicer if it had a 2x extender included. This camera was cheap at $130, and an aftermarket extender would be 2x that price or more! The 2x extender will allow people to use the cam without using etc mode, though by combining it with the extender, you could shoot far and fast!

  • I really like the idea of B4, I have a (19 years old) Fujinon 9-126 f1.7 .. with built in 2x (thats a 36-504mm equivalent with the crop) Which I think might be good for outdoor concerts where I need to be 25m or so away from stage. I've seen these lenses (Pegasus II and III) for about $100 on ebay

    Could buy and rig 3 GH2s fujinon lenses and adapters for about the price of a EX1.

  • yep! But you wont need the crop with the extender will you? I think it could conceivably take you from 18 (9x2(extender)) to 504!!!

  • Yeah, shouldn't need to use ETC mode .. somewhere there is a topic on B4, we should probably go there

  • oh crap, sorry! im grabbing a pegasus while i can ;)

  • I just don't want either of us to get in trouble

  • me neither!