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Rumor: Nvidia will buy ARM and will merge with Apple in 2022
  • Bloomberg wrote about strong leaks about Nvidia negotiating buyout of ARM from Softbank (big Japanese financial conglomerate controlled by US).

    It is best time for this, as US goverment will finance whole transaction via US bank system and non existing money,

    Buyout of ARM is also extremely important as US corporations now need fully control on ARM patents due to Apple moving their notes and desktops to this architecture. Failure to do so can result in temporary bans of import to many countries for new upcoming products, especially as it is strong rumors of security holes made for US special cybersecurity forces. COuntries do not trust Huawei, but this PR also badly hurt Apple.

    Despite strong Apple-AMD relations it is Nvidia that can be required on the next stage of global conflict to merge with Apple to add top GPUs and AI cards to quite weak (at least for initial 2-3 years) CPUs.

    As companies will hit real 3-5nm wall (not TSMC marketing one) all industry will change inthe time of 2-3 years, And they won't be able to go back as Chinese are expected to catch within 5 years (and 3 years for all mass consumer CPU and GPUs).

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  • This is good and bad. Nividia CEO is a bad joke. Visionary indeed, the problem with ARM it’s its own arquitecture. Every new problem need new hardware at chip level. And that is not scalable.

  • Nvidia Corp. is in advanced talks to acquire Arm Ltd., the chip designer that SoftBank Group Corp. bought for $32 billion four years ago, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The two parties aim to reach a deal in the next few weeks, the people said, asking not to be identified because the information is private. Nvidia is the only suitor in concrete discussions with SoftBank, according to the people.

    A deal for Arm could be the largest ever in the semiconductor industry, which has been consolidating in recent years as companies seek to diversify and add scale. But any deal with Nvidia, which is a customer of Arm, would likely trigger regulatory scrutiny as well as a wave of opposition from other users.

    This is extremely dangerous, and explains why China actually got control on their ARM branch.

  • I don’t like Nvidia ceo.

    Him having control of arm it’s not ok.

    They already bought melanox is it? And apple getting together with Nvidia... seems to have a very powerfull plan in the future.