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Bad days coming to Apple, Roland and Korg fined £5.5 million
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    The fines on the companies, Roland and Korg, which make, among other things, electronic drum kits and hi-tech music equipment and synthesizers, follow fines recently imposed on two other leading suppliers in the sector, Casio and Fender. All of these companies have been fined for implementing resale price maintenance (RPM) designed to restrict retailer freedom to set prices online by requiring their musical instruments to be sold at or above a minimum price. It brings the total fines imposed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for this illegal conduct in the musical instrument sector to £13.7 million.

    Separately, a retailer of musical instruments, GAK, has also admitted to engaging in RPM with Yamaha and agreed to pay a maximum fine of more than a quarter of a million pounds to settle the case. This is the first time the CMA has taken enforcement action against a retailer in a resale price maintenance case.

    All this is just preparations for huge attack on some core US companies including Apple. Stay tuned.

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