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Chinese progress in NAND and DRAM
  • Topic related to new products available from Chinese companies and some plans.

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    Changsha Goke Microelectronics announced a long-term supply agreement with Yangtze Memory to purchase 64 layers of 3D flash memory developed by Yangtze Memory.

    With Yangtze Memory's mass production of China-made 3D flash memory, the spring of China-madeSSD is here.

    Goke Microelectronics also pre-released the 331C-Y hard drive at the collaboration ceremony, which features a self-developed SSD mainframe and Changjiang TCL flash memory at speeds up to 560MB/s.

    This isn't the first time Goke Microelectronics has partnered with Yangtze Memory, as Goke Microelectronics also announced a new generation of SSD master GK2302 V200 series fully adaptable to Yangtze Memory's 128-layer QLC flash.

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    ADATA Technology, the world's second largest vendor of memory modules, today announced that it will use ChangXin Memory's high-quality, high-performance memory chips, including desktop-level U-DIMMs and notebook-level SO-DIMMs, in the Chinese market.

    ADATA Technology will also continue to launch a variety of Chinese-made chips for gaming, overclocking, and the industry, to fully meet the needs of mainstream users, gaming players, overclockers, and professional users.

    According to ADATA Technology, ChangXin Memory's 8Gb DDR4 memory chips have been optimized for the 10nm process, and the process has reached the international mainstream level and complies with JEDEC design and production specifications and RoHS environmental standards.

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