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Monitoring bitrate as you shoot?
  • Hope it's OK to create a separate topic. Please move if not. But I notice on the VBR patches (I use Cake) that while the "elapsed time" indicator counts up as normal, the camera's "time remaining" indicator countdown speeds up and slows down according to scene movement. Presumably it's calculating time remaining based on "SD card size / Bitrate".

    How feasible is it to have a bargraph or bitrate display added to the GH2 which shows us what bitrate is being recorded? I'm guessing not, but it's something nice to watch when you're tired of looking at beautiful images.

    Even if not possible, I hope this is useful to anyone doing any testing who hasn't already noticed the time remaining thing.

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  • the time remaining thing happens even with the standard firmware.

  • Does it? As in, variable speed countdown? Didn't know that....

  • I did see it in HBR mode and in 720 mode, but only if iso and shutter is high, and a lot off action in front off the camera.