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Making a lockdown short: Dealing
  • So, I am trying to make something out of this lockdown and that something is a short.

    I am putting preproduction material on this folder, if anyone is curious (script and shotlist are probably the two things worth looking at)

    And I have started shooting. No colour grade is final. I'll be putting tests, half baked cuts and other stuff here.

    Feedback is welcome. Also, I have a Dell UP2516D and an iDisplay Pro. The contrast after I calibrate is crazy, which in the past has led me to grading with too low a contrast. I have looked at the video with sound on my phone and it is still pretty intense, but then I look on a different monitor (which I know is rubbish) and there's almost no contrast.

    How do people go about this incredible inconsistency between people's screens? What is the target?

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  • Regarding the monitor issues.

    Import these images into your timeline wherever you are grading your video. This will help get you in the ball park.

    Check you can see all the gradations and check for any colour shifts you see from dark to light. Adjust the brightness contrast using your monitors built in controls until you can see the gradations at the bottom of the range.

    Use the colour temp and RGB settings (if you can) to try and reduce any tint you see, and then reference that against to an image you know the colour of (with some skin tone in it ideally) to make sure you haven't done anything odd.

    gray scale.png
    1920 x 1080 - 9K
    550 x 250 - 9K
  • Thanks for that Bernie. I have a iDisplay pro and I have used it with displaycal. I trust that combination more than my own eyes (not the best colour perception here). My question was more about what is the target. We know people use all sorts of devices. What is the "average" we could aim for so that it looks OK is most devices?

    In any case, more progress. Ignore the sound.

    This one is the same, but I did not desaturate the shadows.

    And this one is too extreme and I am not happy with

    I think I like the desaturated shadow look best and will try to match that look in the future.