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How SEO and Google Ruined the Internet
  • Between 1998 and 2003, searching for something on Google was magical. I remember inputting a vague notion like "oil mother's milk," and being directed to an interview with Thomas Gold, an astrophysicist who postulated that hydrocarbon deposits refilled themselves because of geological pressure.

    Today, if you're looking for something that is technical, specific, academic or generally non-commercial, good frigging luck. The world's best information retrieval system has devolved into something reminiscent of 2006-era Digg: A popularity index that's controlled by a small number of commercially motivated players. They call themselves "SEOs."

    The web was supposed to forcefully challenge our opinions and push back, like a personal trainer who doesn't care how tired you say you are. Instead, Google has become like the pampering robots in WALL-E, giving us what we want at the expense of what we need. But, it's not our bodies that are turning into mush: It’s our minds.

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  • "Rewarding stupidity and laziness leads to more stupidity and laziness" <3

  • @Knotbar

    It is also important to say that without Google and on how people are trained to use its flawed systems no Coronavirus hysteria could be possible. Google now is advanced moderator who quickly change rating to get proper narrative.