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Coronavirus: C'est pire qu'un crime, c'est une faute
  • What exactly all goverments are doing now?

    • Stopping economy (this is trillions per day worldwide)
    • Fucking with people life by cutting any socialisation
    • Talking with people like with 3 year olds
    • Preparing hospitals
    • Buying lot of supplies, adding medical staff (at most places they still do nothing)
    • Buying ventilators and stealing them from each other despite it is 1-15% positive outcomes for people who are on them
    • Telling how you do not need mask

    What they should do?

    • Stop economy for short period, but constantly turen it back on part by part, see below how
    • Talk to people like grown ups, explain all details, incouding very complex medical stuff and how virus ACTUALY spreads (instead of PhD fantasies)
    • Get lot of volunteers to fast transform at least 100 factories
    • Half of factories must be making simple plastic HEPA closed filters (simple injection molding for case and HEPA grade filter)
      • Normal cost to manufacture for pair of such filters is $3-$7
    • Half of factories must be making full face and half silicone respirators to use with this filters (it is again injection molding of silicone or rubber, few plastic parts plus belts)
      • Normal cost to manufacture for such item is $10-$25
    • Move all full face masks to hospitals, retails and any mass related workplaces
    • Move half face masks to all other effential workplaces and later to all large urban areas
    • In less than 4 months each citizen will have it