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Coronavirus: Mordor to introduce autos isolation mode
  • Since yesterday in Mordor we have new addition to self isolation mode.

    Each year in Mordor around 18 thousands die in automobile accidents and around 200 thousands get serious injuries (around 60 thousands can't do their previous work anymore).

    During government session it had been decided that riding individual autos can not be even compared to coronavirus epidemic (as induced around 1000x real damage).

    To solve this life threating problem it is decided to add autos isolation to self isolation mode. For next 3 months police will be stopping individual car users on the road and fine up to $500 of they do not have special QR code. QR code will be provided to some medicine workers, police as well as internet shops delivery car drivers. Government still not sure about taxi cars, at present time they are prohibited to drive, but it can change soon.

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  • I wrote this as April 1 joke.

    And this guys made it almost exactly same in reality in less than 24 hours.

    Scary times.

  • Sauron must have people to check PV everyday for good ideas :)