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Right to repair topic
  • Decided to make separate topic on this quite stupid initiative.

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  • The U.S healthcare system lacks an adequate number of working ventilators to effectively treat the expected influx of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

    But it’s not just a dearth of ventilators and other critical medical equipment. We need to make sure we can properly maintain devices -- and medical equipment manufacturers have placed obstacles in the way of that.Many manufacturers do not provide access to repair documentation, limiting who can repair the equipment. That discourages third-party medical repair companies or in-house medical engineers from trying to fix things.

    “In order to keep equipment that is critical to treating COVID-19 working, with the least possible downtime, medical device manufacturers should immediately release all repair documentation and software, schematics and manuals for that equipment, especially ventilators,” said U.S. PIRG Right to Repair campaign director Nathan Proctor. “The fastest repair service is when hospital technicians have what they need to do repairs in-house, or can hire qualified technicians at their discretion. Preventing repair is generally a bad idea. That is even more true in a crisis, when systems are under stress. It could mean the difference between life and death.”

    Device manufacturers and trade associations actively lobby against Right to Repair reforms. For example, a website that posts service manuals for ventilators shows that some manufacturers prohibit the sharing of repair information. Service information could be especially important if hospitals decide to refurbish older equipment as demand peaks. The Society of Critical Care Medicine estimates that there are as many as 100,000 such older ventilators across the country.

    None of requested thing will happen. As money are more important than people lives.

    [UPDATE] people make some unofficial documents repository but had been asked by companies to take it all down. And they become badly confused as they can't call copyright and patents bullshit - just afraid.

  • More strange things

  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

    Albert Einstein

    Louis, it is time for check.

  • Louis just want slightly better capitalism, where it is nice warm place for him where he repairs stuff until death.

    Does not happen.

  • The PIRG report surveyed 222 biomedical professionals, many of whom work at hospitals. Nearly half said they’d been denied access to necessary repair parts and information during the pandemic. And nearly all said that removing restrictions on repairs was “critical” or “very important” to their work.

    Manufacturers frequently restrict third-party repairs. Around 92 percent of the respondents said they’d been denied service information about equipment like ventilators and defibrillators, with around half of those people saying it happened “somewhat frequently.” Around 89 percent said manufacturers had refused to sell spare parts.

  • Law is the will of the ruling class transformed into legal regulations.

    Fighting the will of ruling class with "some money" is quite fun idea. No, you won't be able to pull anything. Sadly.

    We already saw "smart" ideas of totally dumb legislators who can't grasp perfect ideas, after this idea of totally corrupt legislators and after this idea of legislators who are true representatives of opressed people but are just dumb enough to not realise how to protect them.

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  • It is time to understand that it is INTENTIONAL email and legally made leak to hide Apple nice big plan.

    Also I do not understand that is all the fuss? As RfR progress is exactly zero up to this point, nothing archieved with huge amount of time spent.

    And I NEVER saw real attack on Apple or other corporation explaining us WHY really they hurt the repair industry. It is always bad managers, you can check other topic on PV for this.

    And here it is again idealistic bullshit on making good people who will go against company interests. Does nto work his way.

  • Video has amazing piece around 0:45 (except from very old hearing).

    In reality it is good thing to people to understand and raise the following question - is Louis actually proponent of that people want? Is he helping to reach the necessary goal? As for now it is one failure after the next.

    Libertarian ideology actually induced horrible damage to the bill, as he constantly searches for good people, for good senators and fails to find them. He never talk about who senators are and that class do they serve. He never show class interest and never shaw real conflict and never tell why bill constantly fails miserably even in the early stages.

    Lack of any, even bad and reduced class interests mentioning comes from Louis position as business owner, as part of him don't want anything of this to be mentioned or involved, as inside he feels direct threat to himself and personal wellbeing. He is one of the best business owners who still kep lot of proletarian morale, but it is slowly fading and you can see it.

  • Here we go again. Bad people, childish logic.

  • At least some bad people will suffer. Or not. But at least they will spend good amount of bucks to continue doing same thing. Remember, it is liberal world, free people doing their stuff.

  • Finally we directly touch economic interests and why in auto industry the fight is much more serious (as third party services are much larger and richer, and auto makers have much less money compared even to Apple alone).

  • Louis realized that bill has zero probability to become law.

    But all else is stuff lot of bullshit idealistic crap about rising new good proper people. Like present engineers are some horrible evil creatures who dream about making stuff unrepairable. But if Louis will assume that it is not such - real tragedy will happen with libertarian POV.