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Coronavirus: Taiwan as small big secret
  • Media try to shift attention from Taiwan.

    As local government is now hiding most cases of virus to not loose the chance to restore back high tech economy sector, even at the costs of many deaths.

    They also quickly need lot of Chinese migrant workers to return to make things run as normal.

    But first real outbreak that will become publically known can actually mean end of Taiwan as independent country (even if it is only few countries that support such opinion still).

    As it's dependence on high tech and advanced sectors is very big, and China will make sure to use virus as reason to fully cut any supplies and try to destroy remaining economy.

    For US and allies it is very important to hide information regarding situation in Taiwan as loosing it can be big issue.

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  • My sources again ask to look closely on Taiwan, as country got lot of Chinese since virus started spreading, but report extremely low cases compared to Japan and South Korea.

    Government is rigging things.