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More native µ43 f/1.4 lenses please
  • I like f/1.4 lenses. A combination of f/1.4 and ISO 3200 is good enough for low lighting.

    Why f/1.4? Nokton 0.95 is great for GH1 with usual max ISO 800. But GH2 can push ISO to 3200. That's 2 stops gain. Then f/1.4 lens might be good enough at much lower cost. Also 1.4 bokeh looks nicer than 0.95 bokeh.

    Voigtlander seems going after classical focal lenths for 2x crop factor of m43 with 4:3 ratio. Thus the 17.5mm and 25mm. But I want 2.35:1 ratio... and it's easier to create the wider look with wider angles.

    Specifically I want 11mm, 14mm, 20mm, 35mm with native µ43 mount, f/1.4, only manual focus... to keep the price and the overall size/weight down. You know... a set of modern fast manual focus lenses at good cost. The focal lengths seems weird, but Panasonic already produced 14mm and 20mm pancakes. Since Olympus already made 12mm 2.0, I hope Panasonic produces 11mm prime lens. There is a huge gap between 20mm 1.7 and 45mm 1.8. I hope Panasonic produces 35mm prime lens. So 11/14/20/35 don't sound too crazy. But they wouldn't be 1.4.


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  • For me 12mm/14mm/17mm/20mm/25mm/35mm/45mm/85mm will be enough

    Fun thing is that almost all already exist.

    12mm - either Olympus or SLRMagic.
    14mm - Samyang or small pancake.
    17mm - nothing very fancy, but Olympus will do.
    20mm - again pancake.
    25mm - Leica or Samyang (but more reviews on Samyang are necessary)
    35mm - Samyang for certain
    45mm - Olympus for sure
    85mm - Samyang

    Add here small m43 fisheye from Samyang and you are happy guy.

  • Yes I know about them. I'm not going to wait for perfect m43 lenses, and I already have a working set.

    But I hope more lens makers produce fast µ43 primes between 11mm and 35mm. Preferably 1.4. Just daydreaming :)

  • e.g. Sigma 30mm 2.8 for µ43 mount.... What a joke!!!

  • Cosina sure knows how to make good 1.4 lenses...

  • me thinks u guys need a good 50 also.

  • 12mm Pancake 1.8 for under $400 that has the IQ of the Olly 45mm, please.

  • @Vitality, with the Samyangs are you referring the to the 4/3s ones (that need a 4/3s to M43s adapter)?

  • with the Samyangs are you referring the to the 4/3s ones

    Nope. In my exact case I am referring to Pentax versions, you can use others :-)

  • This is 2.35:1 cropped on a 16:9 photo from 14.5. After cropping, it really doesn't feel like 14mm is wide. Definitely I'd take 11mm for wider angle in more confined place. Waiting for Panasonic's wide angle converter.

    960 x 408 - 175K
  • Samyang 35mm 1.4 is a great deal. Sharp at 1.4.

  • Have to take a look at lenses for the PKmount.

    I think I saw on another thread you got one of the SLRmagic 12mm lenses... been using that a lot?