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For Sale: GH1 body with all original accessories, manuals and packaging
  • I'm selling the following:

    GH1 Camera body serial #WE1BA001368 along with all the accessories shown in the images complete with all manuals, CD and original packaging.

    Battery, Battery charger AC power supply AV cabling

    The camera is currently patched with LPowell's 75mbs Peak Realiability Patch and it is working flawlessly. I'm willing to sell it for $490. That includes shipping to anywhere in the continental United States via UPS Ground. I will only accept verified Paypal payments. For more information, message me and we can communicate either by phone or email.

    800 x 516 - 129K
    800 x 483 - 121K
    800 x 485 - 127K
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  • Try ebay. I sold mine two months ago. Yours is GH17... but I'm not sure about the price you want.

  • Thanks, I'll do that as well!