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GH2 stop recording videa after 12min
  • Hello

    I only bought a new - for me - GH2 to replace a stolen one and hacked it as usual. The update goes through fine, but for some reason no matter what I do, it stops video recording at 12min and cannot play any of them. Stills are shown fine.

    I have tried different SD-cards that work fine on GH4 in all-intra mode. Previously with GH2 I was able to do 88mbit/s, now I tried only 44, no change. Stops at 12min even after creating a new file after the 4GB limit of the FS was exceeded i.e. the video files are playable on computer (VLC/Mplayer).

    Any idea what might be the problem?


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  • Time to upgrade! You can try a different patch and/or a superfast card.

  • First go back to the original firmware, reformat the SD card in the GH2. Then record something and see if you have playback.