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M43 wishlist
  • Hoping, dreaming, drooling, whatever. I would love to see...

    - GH2 firmware 1.1 with AGC level 0, peaking feature, and full-time AF/MF
    - GH2 firmware hack
    - Fast M43 zoom
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  • The leica micro 43 25mm 1.4 will come on 30 Jun.
  • Are you sure? PL 25/1.4 on the 30th? That would make my day. Internal focusing like 14/2.5. No moving part. But expect usual shortage and ebay drama.
  • BTW I was testing out the fly-by-wire MF on 20/1.7 on GH2. It displayed distance scale on the screen. There was almost no play. It was very responsive... at least on the scale. Definitely not a short throw. Eager to try out with FF on m43 lenses.
  • I am with Ken if you start talking about new lenses you want - preorder them in first day or two. Period.
    No drama, nothing like it.

    As for 20mm F1.7, it's scale is not very useful or accurate and FF on Panasonic lenses can't be used for anything even remotely crucial to you. Mine is off at infinity mark, going beyond infinity by quite a margin.
  • I did preorder in this morning. As soon as PL 25 in my hand, 20 pancake going to ebay. So long pancake~!

    ORLY? No I don't plan to use the digital scale. Fast AF-S immediately followed by FF control would be great for candid shooting.

    I wanna use right hand to do these
    - Set up SS and ISO
    - Do AF and start recording
    - Do FF

    But I can't. I gotta half press shutter button to use MF on AF/MF mode. That won't free up the right hand. Or switch the focus dial like crazy. The shutter handle would't do it. Full-time AF/MF would make it a lot easier.