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Apple will leave Mordor market
  • New law signed by Mordor orcs demands non pure and defective domestic software to be installed on each nice smartphone, Smart tv or usual computers.

    Leading Apple elves are not happy and plan to abandon Mordor market entirely, but still thinking, as amid constantly shrinking sales it can be not too good idea. From other side we have bright and pure elves ideals, fight for total freedom and total war on defective and non pure software.

    We will be watching development of this closely.

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  • It’s pretty sick, Putin demanding computer and phone manufacturers install their spyware. I would think they’d have to leave Mordor before ever complying with such sh**f****ry.

  • @jonpais

    Sick demand to add orcs proprietary spyware to proper elves spyware.
    We all know that elves always spy on you to just bring more peace and order to your little galaxy.
    Sometimes little number of precision bombing is required, but still, everything for freedom.

  • Bloomberg reported yesterday that Apple is considering allowing apps like Chrome or Gmail to be set as defaults in iOS 14.

    Wow, and not just Gmail and Chrome, but also Yandex search and Yandex mail. Surprise.