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Intel Rocket Lake-S Desktop Processors
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    Small leak of 11th gen CPUs.

    Most fun fact is 8 core max limit.

    Of course, it is still 14 nm chips, as 10nm does not work still.

    800 x 507 - 93K
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    636 x 559 - 43K
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    There will be three kinds of SKUs for "Rocket Lake" based on TDP

    • 8-core parts with 95 W TDP rating
    • 8-core, 6-core, and 4-core parts with 80 W TDP
    • 8-core, 6-core, and 4-core parts with 65 W TDP variants.

    For the 95 W (PL1) parts, the power-levels PL2, and PL4 are reportedly set at 173 W and 251 W, respectively, and a 56-second Tau (a timing variable that dictates how long a processor can stick around at an elevated power-state before retreating to PL1). The 80 W TDP parts feature 146 W PL2, 191 W PL3, and 251 W PL4, but a lower Tau value of 28 seconds. For the 65 W parts, the PL2 is 128 W, PL3 is 177 W, and PL4 251 W, and the Tau value 28 seconds.

    Intel is stuck.

    800 x 558 - 51K