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Unusually slow this has been...
  • ... is this the calm before the storm???

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  • Any reason of making this topic?

  • What hounds - All in do time- Vitality is looking after us all as these betea tests will insure we get the best available settings and not brick anything in the process.

  • Any reason of making this topic?

    Ha! N1 Vitaliy. People, seriously, chill out. And for F*** sakes, don't dis the people who have made your camera so bloody incredible with snarky comments. I hope this is the last such post I see. Let these talented people do their work and just be grateful!

  • @rigs

    Yep, something like this.

  • I think that @duartix was attempting to say that possibly this could be one 'major' update.

    You know- because of the timing - and the anticipation - then this update has 4:2:2, 4k etc...

    But as always- it is better to donate than start a thread! (My pointer is where my mouth is don't worry!)

  • Guys, please don't expect 4:2:2.

  • @everybody except @alcomposer (who came closer to my undisclosed intentions):

    Please chill out! I'm not complaining, nor asking for features or ETAs. This hiatus has given me precious time to rethink and review my efforts, so I'm actually enjoying it and putting it to good use. From what's already been spoken of what there is to come it's very good news, but what we have right now has already released the monster in the GH2, we all can wait and benefit from extra stability.

    @developers & @betatesters: Take your time. Your efforts are appreciated. There is no rush right now. There will be though, but only when the dogs are unleashed. That's what I meant with the OP.

  • @driftwood I hope that the inclusion of 4k was a dead give away that I was being jovial... On the same note- are you beta testing?

  • 4k what? I herd it was going to be 5K and give us another 4 stops of DR.

  • Oh sorry, I forgot- RAW as well! Dumbo me!

  • nobody knows the trouble Ive seen....

  • @alcomposer Al, what my comment wasnt humerous?! ;-)

  • @driftwood, Please man, don't toy with me and the new 'unexplored' settings of PTool 3.64d... After 6 months of this my nerves can't handle it! Especially considering that @VK has now unlocked most of the settings for AVCHD...

    Anyway... have you looked at the new post regarding monitor calibration? Good stuff there...

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