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Stunning Video of Live Event - Lpowell Settings
  • This was shot handheld with GH1 hacked with Lpowells 75Mb Peak reliable Settings. 720p 50fps, shutter 1/50, Panasonic 14 -140mm with ND8. The color and clarity blew me away, the broadcaster doing the "live to air show" could not believe the quality from this little camera.

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  • @Rambo Great quality, nice work.

    did you use any soft filter ? color correction ?

  • Only adjusted levels to match exposure between clips and then applied a MB color reversal to pop it and diffuse, but colors were very good in the raw clips. Otherwise no other corrections or denoise. I think Auto ISO helped a bit on the day and idynamic was on. The ND8 caused the ISO to climb a bit in the long Tele shots and got a bit of noise in the sky. 14 - 140 is my fav lens outdoor.

  • Took a bit to realise it was aussie footage, congratulations :)

    It felt a bit soft in parts, but the interview came out well.

  • Vimeo up load was only 10Mbps and the export has a diffusion that applies a softening effect. The raw images are tack sharp as you would expect from the 14-140. Yep, shot in OZ, Qld.

  • Do you shoot all your stuff at 720 just so you can convert what you want to slomo? What about the interviews? What's a MB colour reversal? Popping it as in saturation?

  • Wow, that is really impressive motion picture quality under extremely demanding, high-contrast conditions. In my experience with the GH1, its 720p50 mode is one of its strongest suits, delivering a level of performance and reliability that I have not quite matched with the GH2. Good job, Rambo!

  • Great Work. Can you share the settings here (the set-file) ?

  • @davhar, yes i find 720p50 perfect for my requirements, plus broadcast have no issue with the GH1 footage, it's so sharp to start with. MB color reversal is a stock magic bullets preset that i like that gives the footage a lift. @derliebeloni These are the awesome Lpowell GH1 settings i use, nothings changed.

    Thanks Lee, still loving the 75mbps LPowell creation.