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50mm F2.0 Lanthar Voigtlander FE Lens
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    • 10 lenses in 8 groups
    • Min aperture - F16
    • 12 Aperture blades
    • Min focusing distance 0,45 m
    • Filters Ø 49 mm
    • 62,6 mm x 61,3 mm
    • 364 g
    • Sony E Mount

    Translated PR

    To mark the 20th anniversary of the Voigtland Classic Line, we are today presenting the Voigtland APO-LANTHAR 50 mm F2.0, which was developed exclusively for Sony E-Mount full-frame cameras!

    The name APO-LANTHAR is only awarded for particularly powerful lenses in the Voigtländer range. And with the new APO-LANTHAR 50 mm F2.0 we are talking about a real masterpiece! The development goal was to provide the highest level of imaging performance without compromising on design. For this purpose almost all technically possible registers were drawn to ensure this top performance. Two aspherical lens elements, five with anomalous partial dispersion, an integrated floating-focus system and an optical calculation that reduces chromatic aberrations to near zero ensure outstanding performance. The total of 12 diaphragm blades have a special shape, so that not only at aperture F2.0 but also at aperture F2.8 creates a circular opening. This allows for circular bokeh from a point light source. As usual from Voigtländer, the aperture selection and the focusing are done manually, with the focus peaking function, this can be done very precisely. The shutter snaps in 1/3 steps and can also be completely switched to stepless (and therefore silent).

    The Voigtland APO-LANTHAR 50 mm F2.0 has electrical contacts that integrate the lens settings in the image acquisition with the Exif information. In addition, the lens is equipped with a distance encoder, which enables the support of 5-axis image stabilization on Sony cameras by providing the distance to the subject to compensate for camera shake.

    Our new APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2.0 is a true high-performer and sets the tone in the top class. Especially in conjunction with the new high-performance sensors from Sony, one can expect outstanding results!

    The main features summarized:

    • Designed and optimized for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras
    • Excellent performance through the use of aspherical lens surfaces
    • Extremely solid and durable construction
    • Manual focus with focus peaking for precise focus
    • Built-in shutter-click-stop mechanism for video
    • Optical design that eliminates chromatic aberrations
    • 12 aperture blades allow a circular aperture in F2.8
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